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About Gaz

Black Country Gaz  made in Tipton 1958

Born and bred in the Black Country, I've always loved music & art. Schools: Princes End Giant/Junior, Park Lane, Wilingsworth and Alexandra High School. First Job SIgnwritting at 8 Court Passage, Dudley town centre, soon followed by a print apprenticeship Railway street Great Bridge, Letterpress and lithographic. Now an artist, signwriter, singer guitarist, festival organiser.

Heritage I founded Black Country Festival in 2014 to celebrate Black Country Heritage, Culture and it's Identitiy. I'm am also a very hands on member of the friends of Dudley Hippodrome. The Hippodrome was once the greatest entertainment in the Black Country. We hope to save it and make it the Jewl in the Black Country crown.

Influences The Black Country, cut's or canals lol, Led Zeppelin, Marc Bolan, Glastonbury Music Festival   Erick Cox, Women, and cars like my old mini traveller. All kinds of music from Sinatra to the charts.

My Two Side  On the one hand, I like to right about my life expereiences in the Black Country. I often sing at charity gigs and local festivals with my trusted Guitar and the Black Country Rock Box. Let me know if you have a Black Country themed occasion and would like me to perform.

On the other hand, I do like to dress up lol. I have well over three hours of music going right back to Cole Porter, I do a Sinatra on a shoe string,  a Buble on a buget lol. Also popular classics and even a few out of the charts. I like Variety, and I often invite a friend to jam with me if one is free.


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My songs are mostly  about my experiences living in the Black Country. I don't have a preffered style, I just write to whatever tune comes into my head, often when I 'm dreaming. For more of my songs please click on the Sound Cloud link  http://soundcloud.com/garry-sawers

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I love to hear from people interested in my art work, singing and song writing or about generally everything else! Please send me your thoughts using the form below and I shall endeavour to reply to you as soon as I can.

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